Saturday, September 25, 2010


Please be advised that medical proverbs are not based on scientific evidence but on generations of observation and experience. They give us advice for healthy living. The six proverbs cited below have certainly withstood the test of time, and will continue to be used by people of all walks of life for generations to come.
     1.      Prevention is better than cure.
     2.      A stitch in time saves nine.
     3.      Diseases come on horseback but go away on foot.
     4.      Desperate diseases must have desperate cures.
     5.      Bitter pills might have sweet effects.
     6.      An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
It seems that the last proverb is the most quoted medical proverb. It might have originated from “Eat an apple in going to bed and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.”
Nowadays, as strange as it might seem, we find many humorous and often satirical variations of this proverb, in advertisements, cartoons, greeting cards,  and comic strips, such as “A pill a day keeps the stork away”, “An onion a day keeps everybody away”,
“A condom a day keeps AIDS away’.
At the time of President Nixon, a national columnist James Reston wrote that apparently
“A crisis a day keeps impeachment away.”
While some of these proverbs are quite funny they express concerns of our society.


  1. ポメラニアンは小型のスピッツ(日本のロックバンドで、草野マサムネ、三輪テツヤ、田村明浩、崎山龍男がメンバーです)で、まるまるとずんぐりした体型です。ぬいぐるみ(マルガレーテ・シュタイフのテディベアが有名です)のようなかわいい犬でしょう。すごく元気な性格(環境によっても変化しますが、先天的なものが大きいと考えられています)ですし、好奇心旺盛な遊びが大好きな犬で、そんな可愛い小さな体から想像もつかないほどエネルギッシュな性格の持ち主です。そして、勇気があって物怖じしない性格

  2. ポメラニアンは小型のスピッツ(日本のロックバンドで、草野マサムネ、三輪テツヤ、田村明浩、崎山龍男がメンバーです)で、まるまるとずんぐりした体型です。ぬいぐるみ(マルガレーテ・シュタイフのテディベアが有名です)のようなかわいい犬でしょう。すごく元気な性格(環境によっても変化しますが、先天的なものが大きいと考えられています)ですし、好奇心旺盛な遊びが大好きな犬で、そんな可愛い小さな体から想像もつかないほどエネルギッシュな性格の持ち主です。そして、勇気があって物怖じしない性格