Thursday, June 16, 2011

Most Used and Abused Idioms

These entries that you are about to read are quite entertaining and informative as they are the most used and abused expressions in the English language and that are not usually found in ordinary dictionaries. Once we learn the meaning of these metaphorical phrases we can use them for summing up a point or situation or adding a seasoning of humour to a discourse. As reported previously I’ll start with the English version, then the French, Italian and Spanish respectively.

To have a frog in the throat. (being unable to speak or losing the voice)  Avoir un chat dans la gorge / Avere la voce rauca (hoarse voice) / Tener carraspera  (hoarse voice)

To have other fish to fry (other important things to do) / Avoir d’autres chats à fouetter (to whip, to flog) Avere altra gatta da pelare / Tener otras liebres que correr

It’s six of one and half dozen of the other ( two ways of saying the same thing)
C’est bonnet blanc et blanc bonnet (chou vert ou vert chou) / Se non è zuppa è pan bagnato / Olivo y aceituna todo es uno

To go Dutch or Dutch treat or date (when each person pays his/her own expenses) / Faire à l’Anglaise / Fare alla romana / Hacer a la Americana

To take a French leave (to leave without announcing it) / Filer à l’anglaise / Fare all’inglese / Despedirse a la francesa

Go fly a kite or go jump in a lake (go away, leave me alone) / Va te faire cuire un œuf / Vattene a quel paese / Vete a freír espárragos

To smell a rat or Something’s fishy (to suspect that something is wrong) / Il y a anguille (eel) sous roches or Avoir la puce (flea) à l’oreille / Gatta ci cova (hide) or Sentire l’odore di bruciato/  Aquí hay gato encerrado

To kick the bucket (to die) / Casser sa pipe / Tirare la cuoia / Estirar la pata (to stretch  the leg)

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